A downloadable Horror for Windows and macOS

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Anxiety is an atmospheric horror game with 2D graphics in which the player playing as Gregory.

When exploring Greg's home, the player must find 6 things to get the "CLUES" which show something about the depth of Greg's Anxiety.


it is recommended to use Headphone/Earphone for better experience

W: Move Up A : Move Left D : Move Right S : Move Down E : Interact Shift : Run. Remember, you have stamina.


The game is not appropriate for weak hearted

Bugs, glitches, writing error, coffee stain and some issues may occurs. Please send us your comment and feedback to help us further on development.

Latest update:

Latest update: 1.2.0

Checkpoint Update (July 7th, 2015)

-Fix all typos

-Now you can see the Basement Stair

-Fix the Collider issues (hope it's done..)

-Fix an events at the bathroom

-OSX issue,

-some minor gregs reactions


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AnxietyOSX.zip 76 MB
Anxiety_w32.zip 59 MB
Anxiety_w64.zip 61 MB


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Really enjoyed the game, when i first started playing I honestly didnt feel it was that creepy but as the game progressed little things early in the game made the ending a lot more creepy I talk a bit about it at the end of the video. Looking forward to seeing more, thanks for making a great experience!

This has to be the worst possible set of circumstances back-to-back.

🎀 JUST KILL ME NOW | Anxiety Full Gameplay

It's soo sad

Such a creepy and amazing game!!! 

Loved the game,loved the atmosphere.

As someone with PTSD & anxiety... I found this really interesting and relatable.

The game was short and not a lot to discover, but besides of that the game was pretty good! Even that I after game I understand the story. This had nice art style tho! That's was the first thing why I pick this up.

This game was really creepy and yet really gripping for me. I loved the atmosphere as well as the artistic style of the game. Not only that but the story as well, with his anxiety getting to the point of hallucinations as well as the intense amount of guilt he has for what happened and him wanting to run away when his mind can’t just run away.

Really superb story driven game, would recommend to people to play if they love interesting and gripping stories.

(Btw, this is an old upload and I didn’t post it when I uploaded it because I didn’t have an Itch.io account then)

Short but fun. Nice art style.