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This game was originally made in Ludum dare 33

Anxiety : Lost Night is a 2D puzzle horror game, which player are trapped in a car in middle of nowhere. Solve the mystery beneath the character's anxiety and what cause it to occurred.

Gameplay :

  • Mouse as control, left click to interact.
  • Explore the car for clues, You might experience different endings
  • Find your way to start the car!
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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
AuthorCircus Horse
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Ludum Dare 33, Mystery, Point & Click, Short, Spooky


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Ok, I got to opening the glove box, read the letter, picked up the screw driver. And then I couldn't do anything. The hand appears as if I can interact with things, but when I press the mouse button I get nothing. I'm not sure why... I'm going to try again

I died twice, (one for inactivity on my part haha, sick kid at home today, so had to take care of him) but I got through it this time without it messing up, and just wow...

I'm not sure what ending I was expecting, or what the rest of the story would be, but damn....

Great game! Truly anxiety ridden, especially once I figured out that the game is on a time limit of sorts haha

Well done! This game certainly gave me anxiety! Thank you for all the work put into this!

I had a good time with this game! The game did crash on me like two times, but besides that it was creepy! If you're curious about my experience, you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! I'm a little quiet in this video since it was night time!

i scared

I really liked the concept and the atmosphere though I'm not sure how to get any other endings :o Anyways, it was a fun little game.


Very well done. I think I may have found a bug or two however where you could simply not progress and part of the story seemed to be missing. 

The Possibilities Are Terrifying!
What Did I Do?! - Anxiety: Lost Night 



This Game Is Great Good Job On The Development And The Effort

Good game. I like your game plot.

Creepy game. Great work! 

Nice short horror experience, I enjoyed it a lot, keep it up 馃憤 


game starts at 6:05, its pretty fun and quite unique

I love this type of horror now thanks

make more or I will stop your car and haunt you

great game keep it up

Great game thanks for making and sharing.  It reminds me of some of the old escape games I used to play except with the horror element.  The unknown coupled with the creepy sounds make this very unnerving.  The fact we cant move but we have 360 degree viewing add to this as you don't know where phantom will come from.   Awesome game :) 

Contains a very creepy atmosphere and the sound design are well done, i really enjoyed experiencing the horrors and exploring the clues inside the car. Thank you for making this! 1st game.

Gostei bastante do game

The game is great, it really builds up tension well and the visuals are perfect, with small moments out of the corner of your eye making you wonder what is out there. What really worked well was all of the actions needed to complete simple tasks, it really made me panicked having to quickly complete fidelity actions as the monsters got closer.

Really great horror, and a stand out change from ones I have played recently.

Well done! This game certainly gave me anxiety! Thank you for all the work put into this!

Good game! What is the engine you used?

Muy bueno el juego me gusto 


Fun game made for good times. Good Job!!!

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That was Epic. :)) 5/5

Really good game !

Hello, I tried your game and even though this is already older, I have to admit. This was not that bad. Well... up to the point when I somehow seem to have broken the game twice....

If you're curious here is my video.

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This was a really cool game. Brought me back to my younger days playing Flash escape room games on Newgrounds and other free games sites. Great atmosphere and buildup of tension. Nice work!

Hey, I put together a review on your game! I know your game has been around awhile, but still thought it might be a nice retrospective. Great work on the short atmospheric experience you provided!

nice game :)

Really dug this! I'm a big fan of one setting horror games and this does a great job of building that atmosphere of tension and isolation.

If I Say "I Am Not Afraid Of This Game".Trust Me馃槄馃槄馃憞馃憞馃憞

Really good one!

Well executed game! Couldn't beat it sadly, but it was very good at making you experience what the title suggests.. anxiety!

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The Game does a good job at making me think what's going on! The bloody shirt, bloody rope, and the monsters outside keeps appearing. Then you find out something happened...https://youtu.be/8LtYgWidng8

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Stumbled onto your game whilst browsing through Itch.io and boy am I glad I did. This is one of the most brilliant game done in such a simple yet complex manner. The scares got me good, but the ending took me a little time to get there (or beat). Winning gave me great satisfaction though!

Great game I enjoyed it, I onlt wish i knew a little more about what was going on, I think i understand what might have happened byt that would bee just a guess.

I enjoyed playing the game a lot. I'm a bit late to the party but that's okay! It was a fun experience especially got scared on the jumpscares so that's nice touch! I also like the atmosphere...like actually making you experience anxiety, hence the title of the game.

Here's my playthrough!


I like how it directs you what to do but not tell you exactly and it is good at giving you the creepy vibe with all the noises and this game is one of the horror games that have scared me i would rate 10 screams out of 2 demons.

For the French if it interests :)

Very good game. I was playing it years ago. but this time i culdnt get good ending.

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