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This game was originally made in Ludum dare 33

Anxiety : Lost Night is a 2D puzzle horror game, which player are trapped in a car in middle of nowhere. Solve the mystery beneath the character's anxiety and what cause it to occurred.

Gameplay :

  • Mouse as control, left click to interact.
  • Explore the car for clues, You might experience different endings
  • Find your way to start the car!
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More information

Published12 days ago
AuthorCircus Horse
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Ludum Dare 33, Mystery, Point & Click, Short, Spooky
Player countSingleplayer


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Lost-Night-64-bit.rar 59 MB


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Nice atmosphere, like when you hear the footsteps in the background. It works well when you have a good headphones on. Like it a lot, the jumpscares really got me. Also you can check out my playthrough of this game.


I recently downloaded the game from your Ludum Dare 33 webpage, but haven't played it yet. The title is 'Anxiety: Last Night' (not 'Lost Night' as stated here on itch.io), but the game synopsis & screenshots appear to be the same.

Also, the download available at Ludum Dare was 69.38 ZIP (Win, no bitness indicated), while the itch.io package is 59 MB RAR (Win x64).

May I know if the itch.io version here is an updated one (eg. new scenes &/or bug fixes), or just an archive repack with a slightly different title screen ? Or would the x64 build play smoother on a x64 system ? Thanks !

the itc.io/gamejolt version is the updated one :)

Thanks, I'd downloaded the game again from here (itch.io). GameJolt is out because it always gives me a blank page no matter which browser I try.

Thanks also for reducing the filesize of the updated game package. My internet speed is slow (< 100 KB/s download on a good "solo user" day).

Great atmosphere and I love that you genuinely start to panic as you're trying to get the car started! I covered this as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn: http://gamingrespawn.com/indie-game-spotlight/16854/indie-freebies-tenebra-niva-anxiety-lost-night/


I must say those jumpscares got me lol This a repost, I don't know if this illegal or not so bear with me 😅

This game was incredible! Great atmosphere and scares! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eChAKT9NjYo

Really impressed by this considering it was made for a game jam.

This game was really scary i really enjoyed it !

Cant wait to finish, I just gotta believe!


Can't believe I missed this game when it first came out, thank you for re-releasing it!

Nice little game. Creepy atmosphere. Well done.

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I really loved Anxiety: Lost Night, it had me on the edge of my (car) seat for the entire play through. I also like the fact you left the story and ending open for interpretation! I'm really curious to know what this woman was doing so late at night in the middle of the woods, especially with such strange and... disturbing items on her person. Thank you for making it! Also, is this an updated version to the one available on Game Jolt or is it the same?

it's still the same build from game jolt :)

Ahh, thank you!

I don't know who this ASSFONDLER is but he/she/ and or it needs to go eat a POP TART !! OMG wait, I have POP TARTS in glove box... SHIT !! Hi my name is Blackfist and I broke down in the middle of the WOODS in Jersey... there is a black guy standing outside my car.... PLEASE HELP !!! LOL Great game !

Absolutely AMAZING JOB on this game! Not very often do I come across a game that genuinely scares the pants off of me like this one did. I look forward to future titles by you! Check out the gameplay below and enjoy the heart attack you gave me! :D

Гайд по запуску автомобиля когда снаружи ходит НЕЧТО.

Ставлю палец вверх!