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An amazing and melancholy experience! The subtle hints and the build was very well done! Here is my little video and review of it all!

This game gave me one of the worst and best jumpscares EVER! Loved everything about it...the tension, the atmosphere, the mystery and the horror. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for this developer. Thanks for making such an epic bite sized game.

Hi all! I did my own playthough of this game. I had a lot of fun doing it too! Thank you for making it, and I hope you make more! :)

This game was 2 sp00ky 4 me


Stop Breaking My Windows| Anxiety: Lost Night - YouTube

I don't usually play horror games so I got pretty spooked while playing this.

Anxity is not launching why??

Truly a lot of fun and I had a great time ascertaining and theorizing the ending! Definitely followed and can't wait to see more of your games!

Thank you so much ^_^

This was really fun, great game. not to long and a great amount of suspense! Thank You!

I don't get scared by horror games at all. However, this one broke me. It's been a long time since I've felt the dread in the atmosphere like this. Very good job devs, please keep it up!

Hello guys, just tried the game, its awesome! Wish there was more! Remember to double check your car!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for all the comments and playthroughs! It's so cool to see Lost Night still being played and how different people reacts to our game after all this time <3

Also, if you like games like Anxiety and Anxiety Lost Night, we have a good news! We're announcing a new game, Hollow Rhyme, and we plan to release it on here, Game Jolt and Steam. We're gonna do the Steam Greenlight process next week and we're going to need your help to make it through :)

If you're interested, stay tuned for more details early next week!

Came back to this after a long time! Glad to see it after so long! Just wish it was a tad bit longer, or we had more context to the story.

Anyway, thanks for making this game! Hope to see a tie-in or sequel to this and the other one!

While the game is really well made and was really "pleasing", I must say that it frustrate me that it's one of the rare games to treat of anxiety, and it's sad that the anxiety comes from somewhere (I don't know if I really make sence here).

To be more clear, it would have won in term of ambient and interest if you had keeped the reasons of anxiety impossible to find. Because explaining it not only feels like oppening the doors and the windows in a claustrophobic game (which isn't really great), but also is displeasing because true frightening comes from the unknow.

But still, really, really good game. If I complain that much about that is because the rest of the game is really exceptionnaly great.

Yeah, it's tricky for us to balance what things we want to tell with what things we should tell to make the story enjoyable (and wrapped up). At one point, we decide that if we don't include the trigger to the story beyond (ex: flashback and the ending sequence), it'll make it less attractive to think about about after the players finished the game :<

Anyway yup, It's something we're struggling all the time and what I think we balance it better for our next game.

Digging this, I found it really frustrating that the cursor is hidden when it isn't highlighting something.

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This was a lot of fun, despite my stumbling around being a dork. Would love to see more of this, I feel like the game was just getting started when it ended!

Pretty nice game really enjoyed this is my gameplay of it :)

Very thought provoking game, with the necessary jump scare! really enjoyed!

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Nice atmosphere, like when you hear the footsteps in the background, it makes you feel tense, so you can't do your tasks properly. It works well when you have a good headphones on. Like this a lot, for a free horror game, this is really well made, because some horror games in 2016 are mostly P.T ripoffs, also he jumpscares really got me. Well done!! Also if you want, you can check out my playthrough of this game. :) Have a lovely day.

Absolutely AMAZING JOB on this game! Not very often do I come across a game that genuinely scares the pants off of me like this one did. I look forward to future titles by you! Check out the gameplay below and enjoy the heart attack you gave me! :D

I recently downloaded the game from your Ludum Dare 33 webpage, but haven't played it yet. The title is 'Anxiety: Last Night' (not 'Lost Night' as stated here on, but the game synopsis & screenshots appear to be the same.

Also, the download available at Ludum Dare was 69.38 ZIP (Win, no bitness indicated), while the package is 59 MB RAR (Win x64).

May I know if the version here is an updated one (eg. new scenes &/or bug fixes), or just an archive repack with a slightly different title screen ? Or would the x64 build play smoother on a x64 system ? Thanks !

the version is the updated one :)

Thanks, I'd downloaded the game again from here ( GameJolt is out because it always gives me a blank page no matter which browser I try.

Thanks also for reducing the filesize of the updated game package. My internet speed is slow (< 100 KB/s download on a good "solo user" day).

Great atmosphere and I love that you genuinely start to panic as you're trying to get the car started! I covered this as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn:


I must say those jumpscares got me lol This a repost, I don't know if this illegal or not so bear with me 😅

This game was incredible! Great atmosphere and scares!

Really impressed by this considering it was made for a game jam.

This game was really scary i really enjoyed it !

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